Hugues Rambert, a team of very skilful professionals who are passionate about what they do.

At the head of Ateliers Hugues Rambert, one man, Philippe Rabane, who promotes the Maison Hugues Rambert and French excellence in the four corners of the world.

In the workshops he is supported by a team of 15 professionals who are passionate about what they do, with skills, know-how and expertise which has been patiently transmitted by their peers. Their precise gestures show a high level of mastery and technicity. With consummate address their hands move around the frames to give life to a new creation; cutting fabric and materials, folding pleats, stretching, pinning, and sewing in minute detail.

Hugues Rambert, satisfaction guaranteed

Do you need something specific and precise or, on the contrary, you are happy to get advice and be guided in your choice?

We undertake to fulfil all your requirements and guarantee satisfaction!

Our in-house design department is a real laboratory of creativity at your service to create any type of project of prototype, from the simplest lampshade to the most elaborate light fitting.

Our creations range from unique custom-made pieces to standard production models: we also provide a restoration service. We have a large range of styles includingclassic, neo-classic, retro, contemporary and on-trend, as well as different materials; for example, colour changing silk, cotton, metallic look fabrics, personalised printed fabrics, technical fabrics, PVC...

 Since the beginning, the spirit of creativity and innovation is in our blood.
The world is constantly moving, luxury codes change, decor and decoration evolve, and that is the way it should be!
Hugues Rambert gets their inspiration from fashion trends, then innovates, and creates new concepts in lighting design. A role that fits perfectly!

Now it's up to you, let your imagination guide you and contact us !